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If you are an author and are interested in asking me to review your book, please email me and I’ll consider reviewing your book. I accept books to review on a limited basis depending on interest and schedule. Typically, the genres I review include:

  • Christian fiction
  • historical fiction
  • romantic mystery/suspense
  • clean romance
  • contemporary/historical romance

Very rarely I’ll review the following. In general these aren’t my typical genres, so unless you’re a well established author, I probably won’t review. I want authors to have the best chance at success and don’t want to give anyone low reviews just because it’s not my cup of tea.

  • Biblical fiction (Whether set in Bible times, imaginings around Armageddon, etc.)
  • YA
  • Sci-fy or other make believe worlds (fake kingdoms that are realistic are cool, but I’m such a realist I have problems suspending reality)
  • Fiction with no romance whatsoever (light romance is usually ok, but I need something to go on)
  • Non-fiction

I will not review, under any circumstances, the following:

  • erotica
  • books which contain prolific amounts of sexual situations or explicit sexual situations
  • books which contain a good deal of profanity
  • horror
  • paranormal

I always strive to write honest reviews, but try to stress the positives of a story and be kind. However, since I am trying to be honest, I’ll also mention if I don’t like the story and why.