KatI am a book lover. I mostly read Christian fiction and have been slowly broadening my genre perspectives over the years. I really love sweet romances, especially comedies, but I mix it up with some great suspense and a little drama.

I believe in the authors and supporting them with a great reading community and that’s a big part of why I started this blog. The Christian Fiction community is a great group to be a part of and I’ve met so many wonderful readers and authors. Let’s do what we can to support each other.

I always strive to write an honest, yet kind review. These authors pour their souls into their work and it’s such a gift to share it with us all, but not all stories are created equal and we all have our taste preferences. I’m here to help you decide if you’d like to give a book a try, but by no means am I a perfect reviewer.


My two cats, Onyx and Sasha, often try to absorb whatever book I’m reading by laying on it. My hubs jokes that he married three “cats.” Eight years later, I love him more and more, especially since he puts up with my bookish habit. Every so often, I’ll include his opinion on a review if he has also read it.




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