Christmas Reads 2018 – The Christmas Heirloom

Today I’m exciting to be bringing you a blog post found only at Kat’s Corner Books! Karen Witemeyer, Kristi Ann Hunter, Becky Wade, and 
Sarah Loudin Thomas join me to talk about a special gift that they have received. In The Christmas Heirloom, four women are gifted a Luckenbooth Broach and find love at Christmas. Join me in sharing the authors’ stories.

Karen Witemeyer

Zucchini Bread recipe

Heirlooms can be anything that is handed down from one generation to another, but what makes them special is not the item itself, but the memories and emotions that item evokes. I have an antique washstand in my bedroom that once belonged to my grandmother on my father’s side and a small landscape painting that my grandma on my mother’s side painted. Outsiders would not see anything of particular value in these items, but they mean a great deal to me because they connect me to people I loved from generations past. One of my favorite heirlooms​, however, is a recipe for zucchini bread written in my dad’s handwriting. I lost my dad when I was only 16, so this is a prized possession. Not only is the recipe delicious, but seeing my dad’s handwriting brings back a flood of happy memories every time I take it out.

As for gifts I’ve received, the ones that mean the most are the ones that have heirloom potential. They tie into specific memories and emotions. A couple years ago, my husband gave me two such treasures. The first was a blanket made with a photo of my kids. My first child was leaving for college and the empty nest had begun. This was a way for me to snuggle with my kids even when they were gone. Love it! The other gift was a set of throw pillows made from pictures we had taken on a trip to The Netherlands. My Dutch publisher had brought me out for a book tour, and they allowed Wes to tag along. It was one of the best trips we have ever taken. We met so many wonderful people and saw so many amazing things. These pillows sit on my couch all throughout the year, and every time I see them, I remember that trip and smile.

I’m a cross-stitcher, so this time of year, the house fills with handmade items like stockings, ornaments, and wall hangings. I’d like to think that some of these will become heirlooms as my children start their own families and take a few touches of Christmases past to start their own traditions, but even if they don’t, they will still hold memories and joy for me every time I look at them.

Kristi Ann Hunter

BFFs Tendy and Scruffy

I didn’t often get the trendy toy of the year growing up. I never owned a Cabbage Patch Doll or a Furby, but when I was three I did get a Care Bear. TenderHeart to be exact. I loved that bear. I slept with it every night, carried it around the house, he was my constant companion. I called him Tendy. Over the years Tendy soaked up a lot of tears, got a lot of washings, and got hugged until he was pretty much smashed flat. Eventually, when I was in college, I had to admit that Tendy was getting a little too worn to be my constant companion. My father, who’d gotten me Tendy to begin with, went on a hunt for a replacement. At the time he was traveling around the world for work. Everywhere he went, he visited toy stores looking for the softest, cuddliest replacement for my beloved Tendy. I was twenty when I received Scruffy, a gray dog with floppy arms and legs and fluffy fur. Scruffy has since been replaced by my husband, but he and Tendy still sit together in a place of honor in my bedroom. 

Sarah Loudin Thomas

Being sentimental is my super power. My most prized possessions are the bits and pieces that used to belong to someone who matters to me. There’s the Brown Betty teapot that belonged to my neighbor Betty. The stitched wall hanging Aunt Bess made. The wooden butter mold Uncle Willis made for Mom. Dad’s shaving mug. 
Mom knows this about me (maybe instilled it in me?). Which means she knew exactly what she was doing the year she gave me my favorite book EVER. It’s the copy of Heidi that her own aunt gave her as a girl. Mom must have read it to me a hundred times.
There, inside the front cover, it says “To Nancy Cox, Christmas 1954.” And then she passed it on to me one Christmas. And some Christmas down the road I plan to pass it along to my niece–mom’s granddaughter. And hopefully, there will be a great-granddaughter to appreciate it one day–say in 2054? 
While the Luckenbooth in The Christmas Heirloom was a valuable piece of jewelry, what made it such a prized possession wasn’t it’s dollar value, but rather it’s link to family. My character, Fleeta, lost her mother when she was very young. Having that connection to her mother restored in a way was what gave the pin value in Fleeta’s eyes.
It’s much the same with my copy of Heidi. It’s not a book–it’s something my great aunt picked out and wrapped for my mother. It’s the memory of curling into my mother’s side while she read aloud. It’s a connection to people I want with me always. 
I’m so looking forward to sharing those connections on down the line . . .

Becky Wade

My great grandmother enjoyed a long and faith-filled life of laughter.  She had a wonderful marriage, numerous children, and even more numerous grand children and great grandchildren. When she passed away, my grandmother, her oldest child, inherited her gold wedding band.  Since my grandmother had two sons and no daughters, she chose to entrust her mother’s ring to her oldest granddaughter — me.  She gave it to me when I was still a teenager, long before I was in the market for marriage.  But, even then, I recognized the pricelessness of that ring.  I, like the characters in The Christmas Heirloom, had received a piece of jewelry that had been treasured and worn by my ancestors.  What a gift!   Years later, when marriage came my way, I had my great grandparents’ initials and wedding date inscribed inside the ring.  To this day, I wear it as my wedding band. I hope to pass it down to my own daughter one day.


Thanks you so much ladies for sharing your precious gifts and memories with us. To celebrate, I’m giving a gift of a Kindle ebook of The Christmas Heirloom. For the chance to win, enter via rafflecopter below. Please refer to my Policies. The giveaway will close at midnight of 12/10/18.

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13 thoughts on “Christmas Reads 2018 – The Christmas Heirloom

  1. agboss777 says:

    I have an emerald cut ruby ring in a beautiful gold setting that has been passed down through my mother’s side of the family, and some day I will pass it on to my daughter. My parents gave it to me as a gift when I graduated from college. I LOVE it! I think heirlooms are a wonderful gift to pass down! They provide cheished memories, binding generations of families together. I have a ruby ring that has been passed down through my mother’s side of the family, and some day I will pass it on to my daughter. I think heirlooms are a wonderful gift to pass down, providing cherished memories and binding together generations of families. I can’t wait to read The Christmas Heirloom! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!! ~Alison Boss


  2. Karen Klepsteen says:

    I have some very wonderful pieces of genealogical records that mean everything to me. They’re just pieces of paper, but the information on them is priceless, and the story of those family members who came to America and left this earth too soon are deep in my soul. I truly can’t wait to have a conversation with them in heaven when I get there eventually! Lol


  3. Lori Smanski says:

    A wonderful give a way. Thanks
    I have received many special gifts over the years, but the one that stands out the most is when our children were 1 an 3 yrs old. My husband knew that I had been wanting a bread machine for a while. So on Christmas day I received a big box from both of my children. The children were both eagerly watching me. I noticed my husband had his hand on our daughters shoulder in case she said anything. LOL When I unwrapped it, I just started crying. Oh my. Well my husband knew what the tears meant. But, my son became confused and upset that I didn’t like it the way dad said I would. And because of my tears our daughter started crying, well, something must be wrong. LOL my poor husband had his hands full. Eventually, it was all straightened out, but what an emotional day it was. And funnily, it didn’t stop with me that day, my husband had his own emotional time. Truly a Christmas to remember


  4. Perrianne Askew says:

    I love the cover on this book! I have a birthstone ring that my grandparents gave me when I was ten. It’s nothing flashy but it has a lot of meaning for me,


  5. Rachael de Klerk says:

    My grandma gave me her beautiful pink topaz ring set in white gold for my 13th birthday! I know I’ll forever treasure it and I hope I’ll be able to give it to my own daughter or granddaughter one day😍🤗.


  6. Deanne Patterson says:

    My grandmother made for me when I was a child a beautiful baby doll quilt. It was clothing that I had worn as a child. I still have this quilt, it is a special heirloom that I will treasure forever.


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