Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Loved but Will Never Re-Read


Another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

I want to reiterate that the topic is books I LOVED. So please, don’t think that because I won’t reread them doesn’t mean they weren’t awesome books. For me, this list is entirely made of books that are “off-genre,” so to speak, for me. I have a niche that I gobble up, I think we all do. I don’t often read outside of that, but when friends recommend books and I trust their taste, they know what I like, or I’m seeing everyone raving about it, I’ll give it a try. Expand my horizons, right?

Some of these all fall in a historical period I don’t normally read. All of them are total dramas, which can be hard for me because I like happy worlds; I’m cynical and depressing enough on my own. But I really enjoyed them all and maybe they’ll be just your cup of tea.

In no particular order:

What your your top ten? Don’t forget to join in on the fun on the other blogs.

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Loved but Will Never Re-Read

    • Yes! You do! I have no shame. I think it’s rather adult of me to know what I like. 😉 I think hubs would confirm I’m a creature of habit. I even make him try new foods to tell me if I’ll like it first. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for books. 🙂


  1. Winnie Thomas says:

    Kat, if you’re not going to read them again, could you just pack them all up and send them to me? I’ve only read a couple of these, but they all sound great to me! 😀


  2. AHHHH these are all such pretty books! I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to re-read books that are outside your genre. I’ve been starting to focus more on fantasy novels, but it’s so hard to limit myself when there are so many wonderful books out there. I couldn’t possibly have time to reread a book that doesn’t fall within my genre.


    • Yes! Fantasy is one I’ve never gotten into. Never even tried. I’m too much a realist. But, if you would’ve told me I’d get into romantic suspense a couple years ago, I would’ve said the same thing, so who knows?


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