Blogiversary Extravaganza! Things I wish I Knew When I Started a Blog

One year, guys! Can you believe it? When I started this blog last year, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to one year posting consistently. It’s had it’s challenges, but it’s also had some amazing moments (uh, like when Jen Turano knew who I was. Fangirl moment). So, I’m celebrating in style with a whole week of posts and giveaways!!!! Check back each day.

Things I wish I Knew When

I Started a Blog

1. How many new friends I would make. This year has brought so many awesome new people into my life. That’s saying a lot because I’m an introvert who tends to not like people. I love, love, love the Christian Fiction (Romance) blogging community and have made some wonderful new friends. They’re joining me with some of their thoughts today!

2. I wish I’d known that I would need to turn my house into a library. Carrie @ Reading Is My Superpower

3. Be true to your personality. The only way a lot of people will ever know you is through your blog. Don’t be afraid to let your true self shine through on the page. Rachel @ Bookworm Mamma …and seconded by everyone else.


4. I would broaden my horizons. This blog has made me stretch out of my comfort zone.

5. It can be demanding/time consuming; it’s not just about free books. Carrie + Sydney @ Singing Librarian Books + everyone else.

6. The need for consistency. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. But be consistently YOU & post consistently. Carrie @ Reading Is My Superpower



Today’s giveaway will be a signed copy of A Season to Dance by Patricia Beal!  I will announce the winner next week on Tuesday. As always, please read my terms and conditions for giveaways and it’s open to US residents only. Click on the link here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaways all week!

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Blogiversary Extravaganza! Things I wish I Knew When I Started a Blog

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30 thoughts on “Blogiversary Extravaganza! Things I wish I Knew When I Started a Blog

  1. Congrats! I don’t keep a regular blog, but I read many to get great reviews and information about new books I might like. My favorite reviews have a recommended reader list of books that are similar to the one being reviewed.


  2. Winnie Thomas says:

    Great post Kat! I don’t blog, but I’ve met soooo many amazing people in the CF community (readers, bloggers, authors, etc.) because of bloggers like you, Carrie, Beth Erin, Katie Donovan, etc. I also have a TBR pile that is totally out of control because of bloggers like you! 😀 I’m loving it!


  3. Janice Moore says:

    Me give advice? I will only comment that be aware that too much advice is confusing, and accept the advice that works for you!


  4. Arletta Boulton says:

    I don’t blog – yet. 🙂 I liked your advice. That sense of community you have sounds like blogging is totally worth it. Not advice but a question – do you write reviews for books you didn’t like? Or do those never make it onto the blog?


    • That gets tricky sometimes. If it’s a book I picked up on my own and don’t like it, I won’t put it on the blog. If I have time, I’ll still put up a review on amazon and goodreads. Most CF bloggers work hard and agonize over “bad” reviews and try to frame it in a positive light, while explain why they didn’t like it. If it’s part of a tour, then it depends on the guidelines. I’ve had a couple that were difficult to write because the book and I just didn’t mesh. Those tours usually have some provision that if you would rate it below 3 stars to let the organizer know and you’ll work from there. I haven’t had that yet, but I have had some 3’s. I make a note of the author and try not to sign up for more books.


  5. Perrianne Askew says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!! You’ve giving away a beauty today – I just started reading A Season to Dance and so far it’s really good. And that cover is so pretty!


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