First Line Fridays – Just The Way You Are

This is my first ever First Line Friday post! Yay! I’ve been thinking about jumping into that pond for awhile and now that they have an awesome new widget hosted by Hoarding Books, I can link up on the weeks that it works for me. So, today, while hanging out in jury duty, I bring you:

Just The Way You Are by Pepper Basham

Just the Way You Are

“One step into the massive, glass-walled waiting area was all it took.”

So, grab the book nearest you and comment what your first line is

(with title and author, of course!) and then head over to Hoarding Books to see all of the other books/blogs featured today.


14 thoughts on “First Line Fridays – Just The Way You Are

  1. Becky says:

    Welcome to First Line Fridays Kat! So glad to have you join us! I’ve been hearing a lot of amazing things about Pepper’s books and I’m hoping to read this eventually. Haha. 🙂

    I’m sharing about “Witness Protection” by Carol Kinsey on the blog today, but I’m going to share the first line from the book I’m currently reading here.

    “All of the stories have been written, including mine.”
    Lu. by Beth Troy

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  2. carylkane says:

    Welcome to FLF! I love Pepper’s books!

    I’m reading The Second Chance Brides Collection. My first line comes from Chapter 2 of Married by Mistake by Laura V. Hilton.

    The crush of people in the Grand Hotel ballroom overwhelmed Thomas to the point he wanted to turn around and have his driver take him home.

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  3. Hmm. Interesting.

    I’ve joined the FLF fun and featured a book on my blog, but I will feature a different one here: After A Fashion by Jen Turano. I haven’t started it yet, but it’s next on my list of books to read. “Miss Peabody, I do so hate to interrupt your work, but an urgent message has just arrived that requires immediate attention.”

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      • pepperbasham says:

        Oh goodness! You guys are great!! I hope you enjoy the books – even if I swing around from contemporary to historical romance 🙂 Actually, in Just the Way You Are, you get a little bit of both 🙂


  4. lelandandbecky says:

    LOVED that book!!!!

    Happy Friday!!! My first line is from Mission Undercover by Virginia Vaughan:

    “Blake Michaels pulled into the parking lot of Northshore Medical Center and cut the engine.”


  5. whoohoo!!! Welcome to the gang 😀

    Excellent choice of books too, by the way!

    Here’s the first line of the book currently closest to me – “Someone had left the front door open.” – Portrait of Vengeance by Carrie Stuart Parks

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