CFRR Recap – Giveaway


Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat. Those words peaked my interest last year as I started seeing some favorite bloggers begin to talk about the inaugural event. It sounded a bit like heaven hanging out with bookish friends and meeting authors. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t swing it last year. So, when they announced that this year’s event was going to be hosted in Cincinnati, my (now former) hometown, I jumped at the chance. Timing ended up working out perfectly so I could stay with my mom and then hang around a couple extra days to hang with my best friend an her new baby. Here’s a recap of the fun, and at the end, a giveaway!

The first thing that I was super excited to meet Carrie from Reading Is My Super Power. Carrie has answered so many blogger questions as I’ve gotten started and been super sweet about it all. I also got to meet Annie, organizer extraordinaire, from Just Commonly.

Carrie and I pre-CFRR and post CFRR.

The day was filled speakers and great panel discussions such as spirituality themes and how to/should they/to what extent be woven into Christian Fiction. We heard some great opinions from authors about “organic” faith where their authors live it, but don’t necessarily preach at others and how these themes impact readers. Cynthia Ruchti open with a great talk about why chose Christian Fiction. I wish I had recorded it so I could listen again.

I got to meet sooooo many awesome authors. Here are some I was able to snap photos with! Carrie and Annie kept a secret from us all. Friday night, after after a long day of packing bags, Carrie said she wanted me to meet someone. Lo, and behold, I walk around the corner and there’s JEN TURANO. And when I started to introduce myself, she knew who I was. FANGIRL MOMENT.  I tried valiantly to real it in and act normal, but not sure how successful I was. On Saturday, I was privileged to eat lunch with her, Shelly Shepard Gray, and a new to me author, Mollie Campbell. It was awesome to be able get to know these authors more along with a few other attendees.


After end of the retreat Saturday, Kristi Ann Hunter grabbed some of her lead team and some others and we all went to LaRosa’s and then UDF for ice cream. I learned that Kristi was staying at a friend’s that was only about 15 minutes from where I grew up and she had lived in the area for awhile! It’s a small world. I also got to meet some other great bloggers and readers and author Deb Marvin!

There were also many giveaways and games. It was a seriously awesome day. I hope I can see you there next year!

One of the books in our swag bag is Ronnie Kendig’s newest A Crown of Souls. Even the title is intriguing. And….you could win a copy!  I will announce the winner next week on Tuesday. As always, please read my terms and conditions for giveaways and it’s open to US residents only. Click on the link here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway.



 I tried to get a nice photo of the book, but Onxy was not cooperating.

23 thoughts on “CFRR Recap – Giveaway

  1. debraemarvin says:

    I am going to sit down in September and read a paperback. ACK. (I read on kindle and audiobook) and I’m having a hard time deciding which one of the CFRR books I’ll pick first. But I think Crown of Souls is at the top of the list! It was great to meet you Kat and SO MANY friends in person!


    • It was great meeting you too! I asked around and the consensus seems to be that your should read the first in the series first, fyi. So, I’m going to have to get it from the library.


  2. Thanks for the fun recap on our 2017 CFRR, Kat – can’t thank you enough for your help at CFRR!! It was fun to visit with you. So glad you enjoyed the retreat and hope to see you at our 2018 CFRR!! Hugs!!


  3. Winnie Thomas says:

    It was so much fun to meet you and hang out with you. There were so many amazing readers/bloggers/authors there. We needed an extra day just to do more mingling. Hugs!


  4. Gail Hollingsworth says:

    I would have loved to attend but right now I’m caring for my mother at my house. Maybe sometime in the future. What a dream to get to meet so many authors!


  5. carylkane says:

    Kat, thank you for sharing your experience! I’m sure lots of priceless memories were made. I would love to attend CFRR. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of Crown of Souls.


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