Winner of Still Life Giveaway

It’s a fun post kind of day! I have been way too sick the past several days from a stomach bug someone was nice enough to share with me and am finally starting to feel normal. Yay! So, it’s a great time to announce the winner of the Still Life Giveaway that was posted last week. But first, the hubs discovered this hilarious cat book this weekend and couldn’t resist it. It’s called You Need More Sleep, by Francesco Marciuliano. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

If you’re a cat owner, you can definitely relate to these. If you laughed, I encourage you to get the book. There are many many more great ones.

And now…..the winner of the Still Life Giveaway is:


Loraine, I’ve sent you an email. Please contact me either through email or Facebook to let me know your address!

Thank you to all who have entered and now follow my little blog.



One thought on “Winner of Still Life Giveaway

  1. Sorry, you have been sick.

    My littlest gave me a cold once. When I told her I didn’t want it, she replied, “It’s no deposit, no return, sorry!” The little snot bucket (quite literally at the time!) was only 3! Kids!!

    Get well soon and thanks for the giveaway.

    Congrats to the winner!


    (aka RobbyeFaye, aka Robbye)


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