Berry on Top

The weather is glorious here today and super warm for being winter. Thank goodness Berry on Top by Valerie Comer has a real winter in it with cold temps and snow because I need something to remind me what winter is supposed to feel like. I miss snow. I know, I know, some of you wish you could miss snow.



Liz Nemesek’s first visit home in forever is tough enough before Mason Waterman shows up. Despite her best efforts, she’s never forgotten — or forgiven — him for the hurt he once caused.

Former bad boy Mason Waterman has returned to northern Idaho to raise his five-year-old twins. The kids are determined to find a new mommy, but Liz is the last person they should latch onto… and the last person he should find himself falling for. Again.

If Mason has really changed, can Liz re-open her heart to him… and to the God who could have prevented her decade of heartache?

Review: Berry On Top is the 6th book in the Farm Fresh series. While it is a stand alone story and you can enjoy it without reading any of the others, I would encourage you to read them all as it deepens your enjoyment of the characters and their world. Valerie does a great job of giving you the backstory where you need it; enough to feel up to speed, but not overwhelming to the story line.

The mysterious missing Nemesek has finally come home! I’ve been wondering what has kept her away for so long and boy do we find out why. While I don’t get her choices, I understand why she made them. So many take a wrong turn in their life as a reaction to a situation and don’t know how to get back on track. This has been the hardest of Valerie’s books for me to get through and there were times that I was yelling at the main characters, but you know what, it was REAL. Life is messy. Faith is messy. Sometimes Christian fiction can ignore both or wrap it up with a once-you-know-Jesus-everything-is-better Bandaid, but humans are still imperfect and struggle to make the right choices and allow God’s grace to seep in. Mason and Liz’s story is meaningful example of how we struggle with faith, but God is faithful, even when we walk away.


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