Finding Margo

When you read several (or in my case, ALL) of an author’s work, you feel like you get to know them. Then, when they’re also fantastic about interacting with their readers through email and Facebook, you feel like you’re friends; you start rooting for them. Something I love about the Christian Fiction community is also being able to pray for the authors and for their stories to touch people and show them Jesus.

This brings me to Jen Turano. Y’all, she’s my friend. Granted, a friend I’ve never met, but I’m sure we’d be great friends if we ever did (hehe). So a long time back when Jen happened to mention about her dream of dusting off an old story that was a contemporary mystery, I was all for it. I’m not a writer, but I imagine it’s difficult writing across genres, especially when your historic period books have done so well. I think this makes Finding Margo special even before you get to the story. It’s Jen’s dream, and we all get to be a part of making it come true and be successful. All that said, it is a fantastic story to boot.

findingmargoInternational pop star Margo Hartman could use a night off. A grueling tour and overbearing entourage have sent her over the edge. It’s time for this diva to disappear. And who would think to look for the superstar in a small Dutch town in Ohio?

Sheriff’s deputy Brock Moore is undercover as well. He knows Margo isn’t who she appears to be, but her uncanny resemblance to a local Amish woman is raising all sorts of questions… the kind that make her a target for a killer.

Both are determined to find answers, but their mutual attraction stands in the way of either of them doing it alone.


I loved this book. Initially, I was a little off-put by the opening few lines, which I felt gave the mystery away, but after thinking about, it let you really dive into the who, what, when, where, and how. There were some twists at the end and people involved who I was not expecting, so that was a pleasant surprise.

There’s also a duck who might make your sides split with laughter. Trust me.

Though it’s a contemporary romance, Jen’s trademark quirky writing style comes through along with with the comedy that makes you laugh hysterically. If you’re looking for a light, funny, mystery read, this book fulfills all of those while weaving in just enough faith and character growth to bring gravity to the story.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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